A Versatile Musician.

Outstanding experience in any musical style or genre speaks for itself.
Browse my most recent projects below and enjoy the feeling of authentic handmade guitars and experience the love for every detail, arrangement and high-end recording.

Manfred „Mani“ Pristas is an experienced live and session guitarist in Switzerland. This site offers Mani’s creative and tasteful guitar playing for live performances, session work and via online/remote guitar recording sessions to producers and artists everywhere.

With over a twenty years of experience in collaborating with artists and producers all over the world the fantastic tone, taste and timing and a great selection of instruments and outboard gear makes Manfred „Mani“ Pristas the first call A-list session guitarist in Switzerland and Europe. If you’re interested in working with me, send a quick email to start a easy, great, productive and creative collaboration where the focus is on you.

Besides „Mani’s“ life as a A-list session guitarist, he’s also a very sought after live performer, touring musician and clinician for different manufacturing companies.

With his almost Cameleon like ability to adapt fast on any musical environment, play and read almost any style of music and his signature high-end guitar sound, Mani is very often called for „last minute“ no preparation „fireman jobs“ when a rock solid and high quality guitar performance in no time „on the fly“ is required.

«Easy Lover» by Phil Collins / Philip Bailey
«The heart of the matter» by Don Henley
«How Long» by Paul Carrack (Ace)
«Georgy Porgy» by David Paich
«I can’t make you love me» by Bonnie Raitt


Switzerland's Soul Diva

    Enderlin Chicks

    Swiss-Nashville Country
      Enderlin Chicks

      Sir Duke

      Swiss Dialect Rock
        Sir Duke

        Janne Pettersson

        Bass Animal
          Janne Pettersson
          Swedish Superbassist

          Guitar Recording Services.

          Providing you tasteful guitar tracks that gives your song life and fit’s perfect in your downmix.

          Handmade Music - Worldwide

          Tasteful and great sounding handmade guitar tracks available for bands, producers and songwriters worldwide.

          High Quality

          All tracks are recorded with state of the art and high quality recording equipment and provided in your desired format for download.

          Give Life To Your Tracks

          Provide your song the feel of great live guitars that «sing» and fit perfectly to your downmix.

          Equipment And Tools

          To support your song perfectly you have the choice from a vast collection of vintage and modern acoustic and electric instruments, amplifiers, stompboxes and EFX units.

          Easy Collaboration

          The collaboration is so simple! Just drop me your mp3 tracks or a complete premix via wetransfer.com. That’s it!

          How Long Does It Take?

          As soon as I receive your files via wetransfer.com it takes between 1 and 3 days in a «first come, first serve» matter to complete a recording for your song.

          Manfred Pristas, Electric Guitar on SoundBetter

          Guitars Amps and Gadgets.

          Choose between old vintage and top modern instruments and state-of-the-art recording equipment to enrich your song.

          Electric Guitars

          Fender Stratocaster 1964 L-Series All Original Condition Solidbody
          Fender Stratocaster 1962 All Original Condition Solidbody
          Fender Stratocaster 1962 Custom Shop Masterbuilt by John Cruz Solidbody
          Fender Telecaster 1952 Custom Shop Teambuilt Solidbody

          Gibson Les Paul Standard 1958 VOS Custom Shop Solidbody
          Gibson Les Paul Standard 1959 VOS Custom Shop Billy Gibbons „Pearly Gates“ Solidbody
          Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty 1957 VOS Custom Shop Solidbody
          Gibson SG 1964 VOS Custom Shop Solidbody
          Gibson ES335 1958 VOS Custom Shop Double Cutaway Hollow Body

          Paul Reed Smith 2007 McCarthy Solidbody

          James Tyler
          James Tyler Michael Landau Strat Style Solidbody

          John Suhr
          John Suhr ClassicS Strat Style Solidbody Rosewood Fretboard
          John Suhr ClassicS Strat Style Solidbody Maple Fretboard
          John Suhr ClassicT Tele Style Solidbody Maple Fretboard
          John Suhr Standard Strat Style Solidbody Rosewood Fretboard

          Valley Arts
          Valley Arts 1995 Custom Pro Strat Style Solidbody Ebony Fretboard, EMG Pickups

          Gretsch G5422DC-12 Electromatic Double Cutaway Hollow Body Electric 12-String

          Acoustic Guitars

          Bourgeois DB Signature Dreadnought
          Bourgeois Vintage D Dreadnought
          Bourgeois DB Signature OM

          Martin HD28 Dreadnought Custom Shop
          Martin OMCPA OM Cutaway

          Taylor Mini Koa LTD Edition
          Taylor 314 Grand Auditorium

          Classical & Flamenco Guitars
          Prudencio Saez Flamenco Classical Custom Made
          Cordoba C10 Classical Nylonstring

          Folk and Bluegrass Instruments
          Paramount Triolian 1929 Resonator
          Epiphone MM50 Master Built Mandoline

          Amplifiers and Cabinets

          Tube Amplifiers
          Marshall JTM45 45W KT88 All Tube Head
          Marshall JCM800 2205 EL34 50W All Tube Head
          Fender Supersonic 6L6 60W All Tube Head
          Fender Supersonic 6L6 22W All Tube 1×12 Combo
          Fender 1965 DeLuxe Reverb 6L6 22W All Tube Head
          Two Rock Custom Reverb V3 50W 6V6 All Tube Head
          Carlsbro T100 EL34 100W All Tube Head
          Brunetti Customwork Mercury 50 EL34 50W All Tube Head
          Louis Electric Buster 6V6 18W All Tube Combo
          Bad Cat Hot Cat 15 112 All Tube Combo (Sampson)

          Digital Amplifiers
          Kemper Profiler 19″ Profiling Amplifier Powered
          Kemper Profiler 19″ Profiling Amplifier Non-Powered (Studio)
          Kemper Profiler Stage Profiling Amplifier Non-Powered

          Guitar Cabinets
          Marshall Original 1964 4×12″ Cabinet Original Vintage Greenback 25 Speaker
          Two Rock 2×12″ Cabinet Custom Warehouse Speaker
          Two Rock 1×12″ Cabinet Custom Warehouse Speaker
          Brunetti Customwork 2×12″ Cabinet Warehouse Veteran 30 Speaker
          Mesa Engineering 1×12″ Cabinet Black Shadow Speaker

          Digital IR Speaker Emulation
          Two Notes Torpedo Live Digital Impulse Response Speaker Emulation System
          Two Notes Torpedo Studio Digital Impulse Response Speaker Emulation System

          Pedals and Digital EFX

          Effect Pedals
          Xotic RC Booster
          Xotic SP Compressor
          Suhr Koji Compressor
          Dunlop Volume X Volume Pedal
          BOSS FV500H Volume Pedal
          Rockett Audio Blue Note Overdrive
          Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer Overdrive
          BOSS BD2 Overdrive Waza Craft Modified
          Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive
          Suhr Eclipse Distortion
          Suhr Shiba Overdrive
          NEO Mini Vent Hammond Leslie Cabinet Simulator
          HBE Electronics Tremolo Analog Tremolo
          Empress Analog Tremolo
          Empress Analog Tape Delay

          Digital Multieffects
          TC Electronic G.Force Digital Multieffect


          The Studio.

          The creative environment where beautiful handmade guitar recordings are made.

          Different file types (WAV. AIFF, MPEG) and platforms for sharing files (WeTransfer, FTP Upload) and various DAW recording software (Logic Pro, LUNA, ProTools) is available to focus on your work. Projects have included cooperation with international producers and songwriters from jingles for commercials, complete film, theatre or musical scores to multi-layered artist and label records in mostly all musical styles and genres.
          Manfred Pristas, Electric Guitar on SoundBetter
          Neumann TLM 103 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
          CAD e70 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
          Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone

          Microphone Preamps
          TLAudio Ebony Microphone Preamp
          Joemeek Six Q2 Microphone Preamp

          Speaker Emulation
          Two Notes Torpedo Live Digital Impulse Response Speaker Emulation System
          Two Notes Torpedo Studio Digital Impulse Response Speaker Emulation System

          Audio Interface
          Universal Audio Apollo 8 Duo Thunderbolt Audio Interface
          Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt System

          Recording Software
          Logic X DAW Recording Software
          AVID Pro Tools DAW Recording Software

          Genelec 8020 Active Monitor Speaker
          Bowers & Wilkins BW802 S1

          Partner Recording Studio

          In addition to doing sessions in the „traditional“ way in a external recording studio, Manfred „Mani“ Pristas ist able to fully record guitar tracks at his professional and high-end equipped home studio or at Migou Soundpool Studios on a daily basis (with up-charge) for clients all over the world using the best and finest selection of instruments and outboard gear available.